What is the Shadeaid?

It is a voluntary organization which caters for the needs of orphans and widows in  South Sudan.

Why was Shadeaid formed?

Shade aid was formed towards the end of 2007. South Sudan was ravaged by a long and bloody civil war leaving in its wake millions of orphans and widows. South Sudan has just gained its independence in 2011 and being such a young nation, is facing numerous challenges to rebuild itself. One of these challenges is to cater for orphans and widows who at present form a substantial number of the population and therefore need a lot of resources to help them lead a fairly decent life.

What are the Aims and objectives of Shade aid?

Shadeaid is the first charity of its kind to directly target widows and orphans. Its main aims are:

  • Encourage and enable widows to help themselves and teach them new skills so that they can become financially independent.
  • To alleviate hardships and poverty experienced by orphans and widows.
  • To produce information needed in order to promote the well-being and support of widows and orphans.
  • To liaise with other statutory organizations and agencies concerned with the protection of widows and orphans.
  • To facilitate and take steps to improve skills in order to create job opportunities for widows and adults that cater for orphans.
  • To carry out activities aimed at improving the quality of life and general welfare of widows and orphans.
  • To promote the health and safety of widows and orphans.

 What are the Charity plans and projects?

Shadeaid is still a small Charity with limited resources. We have already completed a project which was to help some of the school children who used to live in a deprived area of North Sudan (Jebel Awlia, near Khartoum) by paying their school fees for a limited period of time.

The future plan is to set up a shop in one of the cities/ towns in South Sudan. The aim is to set other shops if the first project proves to be successful. The shops will be managed by widows.

The bulk of work is to work with schools all over South Sudan  to support orphans.

Who is responsible for running the Charity?

The chair person: Alma Ettore

The Secretary General: Anne Young

Treasurer: Cynthia Ettore.